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1/5th West Riding Regiment

Guest Coli

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I would like to compile my Grandfather Harold Hirst, WW1 service record,I can only find his Medal record on Ancestry and I do not know where else to look.

It,s a problem because her served in three regiments.

1/5th West Riding Regiment, 305489

Labour Corps, 383950

Royal Fusiliers, Gs/125338

It appears from reading these pages that you can estimate when a soldier joined a regiment,I dont want to research a regiment if he had already left.

Can anyone help?

Grandad suffered from the effects of being gassed in the great war and died in 1929.

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His Labour Corps number suggests he was in 917 Company which became No 3 Garrison Company 43 Battalion Royal Fusiliers in August 1918.

917 did not keep a War Diary so I am afraid you will not have any success in identifying where he served with this Company. All we have on 917 company is that in December 1917 and Jnauary 1918 they were located at Army Map Sheet 19 (Map Reference W.27.b.8.9) but no specific detail on their work. They were a Garrison Guard company which meant they were armed and used to guard places like ammunition dumps and ralway lines or as an anti aircraft unit (using Lewis guns).

From his number I would have expected him to have become a member of the Labour Corps during August or September 1917.


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Hello Coli,

If you have Harold Hirst's Medal record from Ancestry, can you post a copy please. His West Riding Regiment number, 305489, is from the block of numbers allocated to the 7th Battalion (not the 5 th). What other information do you have, where was he from etc ? As Chris has pointed out he would not have gone abroad until at least 1916. His medal record card (MIC) should show which regiment his medals are named to, this would be the first regiment he served with abroad (most probably West Riding regiment). If he was gassed he was probably then transferred to the Labour Corps and given the new number 383950. Hope this helps.



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