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Faberge 1916 steel military egg


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Today's Daily Telegraph (16/03/08) has an article on Faberge Easter eggs (see http://tinyurl.com/384de5); one of those featured is the "1916 Steel Military Egg" one of only ten Imperial easter eggs still held in the Kremlin Armoury, Moscow . The article says that the Faberge workshop didn't have as much time to spend on the eggs as it usually did because it was making "military equipment". Wikipedia gives a link to this site http://tinyurl.com/2yzmzz which gives an alternative story: that the workshops had had to close that year because all its craftsmen were away at the front, and doesn't mention the company being involved in the manufacture of military equipment at all. If the latter story is correct, and the men were away at the front, it's very easy to imagine the possible existence of some very intricate and highly crafted - not to mention valuable - trench art!

The egg, made of steel and copper because the use of gold and silver were forbidden at the time, stands on four shells (artillery that is not egg!) and contains a miniature painting by Vassily Zuiev on ivory showing Emperor Nicholas II and his son being briefed at the Front.

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Maybe I should write and say how museums here are starting to talk about 'de-accessioning' as a necessary part of a museum's life...

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