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Pte TW Weaterly RMLI


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I'm currently researching my wifes great Uncle and have discovered he was presumed dead "missing after attack on Wilsons Post"

The info I have gathered upto now is:

Thomas William Weatherly PO/366/S

Portsmouth Battalion RMLI

"Draft" for MEF 09/05/15 Joined Portsmouth Battalion 31/05/15 - Presumed dead 24/06/15 (Gallipoli/Dardanelles).

Helles Memorial panel 2-7

I have searched everywhere and however I am unable to find what the attack on "wilsons Post" was? Also could anyone advise of where I can find the Battalion War Diaries, and Service records?

Looking at the FAAM site they say the NA hold the records for the Portsmouth Battalion, but i'm struggling to find them.

Any help much appreciated


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Have not located "Wilson's Post" precisely but at this time the RND was manning the line between Achi Baba Nullah and the left of the French at Kereves Dere. To my knowledge, the Battalion War Diaries for Gallipoli have not survived. However, the RND Divisional War Diary for 24 June (ADM 137/3084) records:

"10.30 pm. Portsmouth and Chatham Battalions attempted to dig a trench ... Chatham Battalion were very successful but Portsmouth Battalion came under very accurate rifle fire and were forced to retire (11 pm) after digging to a depth of 1 1/2 to 2 feet."

However, this death may, in fact, have happened on the previous day, nothwithstanding the 24/6 date recorded. For 23/24 June the RND Report of Operations dated 28 June records:

"23rd June. Quiet day. During the night 23rd/24th June, a Company of the Portsmouth Battalion attacked the Turkish advanced trench on the left bank of the [Achi Baba] Nullah. The trench was captured without difficulty but a counter attack by a bombing party drove them back. Casualties: about 60 killed, wounded and missing.

24th June. Quiet day. During the night an advanced trench was constructed 30[?] to 40 yards in front of our firing line. The Right was completed but not the Left [Portsmouth Bn. would have been on the Left] owing to heavy fire."

It is noteworthy that the heavy Portsmouth Bn. casualties reported on 23/24 were all recorded as 24/6/1915. "Wilson's Post" must have been very close to the firing line near Achi Baba Nullah.

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Many thanks for the help, this is one of the photos i have of thomas




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