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E Ledger Worcestershire


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Excuse my ignorance what was a Honorary 2nd Lieut

Medal card of Ledger, E

Corps Regiment No Rank

Worcestershire Regiment Honorary Second Lieutenant

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Hopefully his entry from the the London Gazette answers the question...

Worcester Regt.—2nd Lt. E. Ledger relinquishes his commission on account of ill-health contracted on active service, and is granted the hon. rank of 2nd Lt. 25th Sept. 1918.

I assume it means that as he no longer held a commission his rank was just that, 'honorary', it would appear from the Gazette that most officers relinquishing their commissions were granted honorary ranks. I'm sure someone will know the full answer.


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I don't know the situation in WW1 but back before the purchase system was abolished it was a way of giving a ranker commissioned rank and officer status. There were complaints from various sources that promotion from the ranks effectively devalued commissions that had been purchased so that they were worth less on the market. An hononary rank could not be bought or sold.

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