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which regiment would be on the grave ?


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Ive a trio to a Pte Vail. He enlisted in the Coldstream Gds and after being twice wounded was transferred to the ASC remounts. Whilst in the ASC he died from Cerebo-Spinal Pneumonia fever in Tring.

His gravestone in Ely, Cambs is a private one and has the Coldstream badge on it. As he was in the ASC last of all, if he had had a CWGC would it HAVE to have been ASC ? Did the family have a choice ? Also, the Coldstream attended his funeral but no mention that the ASC did


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I would have thought that the last unit was the one to be put on the headstone. Is it possible that the paperwork had not gone through for the transfer?

A Pm to Terry D might be in order :rolleyes:

steve m

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The unit shown is usually the last served in and it was not the NoK's choice. The army stipulated the regiment for serving men.

The exceptions being those in the Labour Corps who had previously served in front line regiments. The army decreed that these should be buried under their former unit's badge.

Sometimes army men attached to the RFC or later the RAF are shown with regiment name plus 'and RAF' but only the RAF badge.

When men died after discharge, the matter seems to be a little more fluid. There are many men who served in a service unit who have front line unit badges (men who latterly served in the Labour Corps, RDC or other reserve or training units). The NoK may have had some influence here but I have never seen any official policy laid down for these cases. I have seen single casualty headstones with two regiments listed and with two badges.

Private headstones were not governed by any rule and insignia, if any, were the NoK's choice. I suspect that this man would have had an ASC badge if he had a CWGC stone unless he had only nominally been transferred just before death.

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Are you sure he was ASC Remounts and not Army Remount Service?

His sole page of papers at the CG RHQ says Transferred to ASC remounts

Can you explain the difference

Thanks for the clarifiaction every one - seems he wanted to be a Coldstreamer to the end

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