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Walter Alfred Pheby


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Hi everyone,

Have just been put in your direction as have just been told that the uniform my great grandfather is wearing is from the RFC. I am entirely a novice when it comes to RFC and would like a little guidance please :o

The man's name is Walter Alfred Pheby (born 1881 Whitechapel, died 1936). I do not know his regiment number as I can't find him in the medal index records nor pension records. I can't read what it says on the back of his medal- could you have a little look for me and with some experienced eyes and identify what it might say?

The story I have been told by my father is that Walter was at some stage in a look-out balloon and some time afterwards was gassed. Other than that I know very little about him, except he was in London on Christmas Day 1914 as that's when he got married.

I've also been told that service records of RFC soldiers are not kept at Kew. Where are they kept?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Many thanks,


Here is the photo of Walter



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Hi Paula

I also responded to your initial post but putting this here too incase you miss it. The name and number on the medals is around the edge of the medal - not on the ribbon pin or the back of the medal so have a look around the edge and you should see his number name rank and regiment.


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I now know that around the medal rim it says "76610 PTE 1 W A PHEBY R A F", so I assume that 76610 is the regiment number? If so what does the 1 after private mean?

If Walter was gassed would he have been discharged immediately? Would he have gone to a military hospital?

Is it likely that I will be able to find him in TNA's series "PMG 42" (payments made to invalided officers)- or not if he was only a private? Would he have both a RFC (series AIR 76) and RAF (series AIR 79) service record, or just one?

So many questions!

Thanks again,


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RAF service records are stored in service number order, his sheet should be in AIR 79/697 (76551 - 76650) you can order a copy online from "shop online on the Kew website.

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