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Chris Szigeti is starting a Border Regiment Forum Visit The Forum

I think it could be a worthwhile endeavour-so please visit and consider joining especially if you have an interest in the Border Regiment. It hopes to cover a wide range from pre WW1 to post WW2 and any information or comments would be welcome.

To quote Chris....

"I have been working on creating a forum just for the Border Regiment. The forum itself will for the entire regiment but like other forums there will be plenty of opportunity to include many categories under each section.I’m still not sure if it is a good idea but because I am passionate about the 11th Battalion and would love to see a forum just for the regiment as a whole I am spending my time creating the look and feel and trying to convince myself it is the right thing to do.

I would appreciate some feedback about the site, I was hoping to get it linked to your site and to that of the Border Regiment Museum just so that it would reach more people. I understand that it could take some time to pick up but this could be a worthwhile project"

Chris already has two sites on the web already John Bardgett

And Lonsdales Website

He has a keen interest in the Border Regiment and would like to get this project up and running.

Sorry for the repeat, but I realised my original post was only viewable to members- if the moderators feel this is against the spirit of things they may remove this post.....

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