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Hi is this an unusual turn of events?

A man of Irish descent born in Nottinghamshire, left to live in San Francisco( trade Clerk ) & enlisted in the Canadian Forestry Corps in Victoria, British Columbia!

It seems a very long distance to travel to enlist!

Any thoughts?


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Not that unusual really - many emigrants to the USA joined the Canadian forces.

I do have a medal group to an odd one though - a guy born in Yorkshire, but living in lancashire who went to South Africa (in the Boer War) with a Canadian artillery unit. Whilst there, joined the Natal Light Horse and then a Rhodesian (?) police unit. At the end of hostilities , came back to the UK (Blackpool) and then was killed in action in 1918 serving with the 1/South African Infantry (and that's after re-enlisting in 1917 after being discharged from a British unit on health grounds in 1916!!!!).


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A Scot I am researching went to work in the USA and sailed to New York, on the outbreak of war he went to Montreal Canada and finished up in the Canadian Black Warch

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