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Merchant Captains and First Officers


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I have a name and date of birth of someone who was a first officer and later a captain in WW1. Is there an online source that might give me his ships?

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Not sure about online, I visited Kew and obtained the id numbers for my grandfather and two of his brothers from CR10 records.

They were on microfilm. With these numbers I contacted the Southampton archive and got actual pictures of them from their CR10 records. Also I went to the national maritime museum and got copies of their certificates of compedence for 2nd mate, 1st mate and Master which also included all the ships they had served on since they were apprenticed. These are really good quality and can be obtained by emailing the museum, but you will need their numbers as the index is not alphabetical. Finally Lloyds captains register will list the captain, Guildhall Library in London free search, Kew will also have a copy.



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