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Corporal Samuel Logan 18605 Royal Irish Rifles

Mary MacGregor

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I would be very grateful for any information about Samuel Logan a corporal with the Royal Irish Rifles, 12th Battalion number 18605 who died on 22 November 1917. I believe he came from Ballymena.

All the best

Maria Alston

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This was the Battle of Cambrai,which see this from the Long Long Trail at top left of this page:


If you click on the 36th Division in the text of the battle account you will see where his Bn and Brigade fitted into the picture.

Your subject is remembered on the Cambrai Memorial along with over 7000 other casualties from this battle who have no known grave. There are many of his Battalion comrades remembered there also.

Best wishes


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This could be him, but a slightly different number.

Regards Mark

Name: LOGAN, Samuel

Regiment, Corps etc.: Royal Irish Rifles

Battalion etc.: 12th Battalion.

Last name: Logan

First name(s): Samuel

Initials: S

Birthplace: Ballymena, Co. Antrim

Enlisted: Belfast

Residence: Ballymena, Co. Antrim

Rank: CPL.

Number: 19605

Date died: 22 November 1917

How died: Killed in action

Theatre of war: France & Flanders

Supplementary Notes:

Soldiers Died in the Great War database © Naval and Military Press Ltd 2006.

Also a link to his medal card.

Royal Irish Rifles 12/19605 Rifleman

Royal Irish Rifles 12/19605 Corporal


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Thank you all very much for your very helpful replies. I am researching my father in law's family history and have been advised by a distant relative of his that two young men in the family died in the war but no one is sure of their names. I had seen Samuel listed on the website Alan provided a link for and thought he might be one of the two men. Is there any way of finding his parents names? The Logans l am researching came from Ballymena and Samuel Logan is a family name.

Many thanks again

All the best


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I think there is a good chance that Sgt. Samuel Logan is from a street called 'Castle Gardens' in Ballymena. This is in the Harryville district and still exists today. It is a red bricked terraced row and was called Castle Gardens because it was on the edge of the Adair 'Demesne' and thus would have had some view of the Castle.

His name is recorded on the roll of honour of First Ballymena Presbyterian Church.

It may well be worth contacting the Church to see if their records mention parents. Then again, be aware that this was a period shortly after an influx of country folk into 'the town' ... his roots may well lie outside Ballymena itself. You will probably know that Ahoghill is a 'hotbed' for Logans ... does family history have any other stories about him which may help?

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On a hunch I looked back over some old pics .... a Samuel Logan is listed on the roll of honour for the Harryville Coy UVF ... this roll lists members of the Harryville unit who served during WW1. I'm not saying it is him, but the Logan on the scroll is noted as Royal Irish Rifles (in which the vast majority of the Harryville men served). Did he have any family connection to the Braidwater Mill? Do family roots lie in the Harryville district?

You can see the full sized scroll (small version below) at the new Ballymena Museum.

Also see War Diary below: (sorry no other ranks mentioned!) But will give you a little more detail.


and for the overall picture



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Hi Desmond

Thank you very much for all this information. I have very little information about my father in law's family; when l started researching he told me he didn't know his grandfather's name as he'd always been referred to by a nickname so details are few and far between. Yesterday however l made some headway with some help from a genealogy list. The Logans l'm researching do seem to have links with Ballymena. The marriage for my father in law's great grandparents Samuel Logan and Jane McAninch is registered both at Ballymena registrar's office and at Ballymena First Presbyterian Church in 1873. A son James was born in Ballymena 1874, George 1875, Mary Jane, Carnlia ? Antrim 1879, William, Kinriola, Antrim 1880. My father in law's grandfather Robert does not appear to be registered and l figured there might well have been other children of whom Samuel Logan of the Royal Irish Rifles might have been one.

I didn't know about Ahoghill being a hotbed for Logans! That gives me something else to consider. I will contact the church to see if they know any more about Samuel's family. Thanks very much again for your help.

All the best


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Carnlia = Carnlea (townland north of Ballymena) ; Kinriola = Kirkinriola (old Parish name) again to the north of Ballymena town.

I would also take a good bet that McAninch should be McNinch (often pron. M'ninch)

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