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[/color]Wondering if anybody can help looking for any references to my grandfather William Salmons,born 1878 High Beech Waltham Abbey Essex.He was living in Rose cottage with hs parents,in 1901 in the parish of Waltham Holy Cross(Waltham Abbey).

In 1901 he was 23 years of age and a domestic gardener, at some point between 1914-1918 he was sent to France,he had campaign,medals but these have been lost to other family members.

The only other information I have on him is that he was also a horseman,or coachman and spent part of the war running supplies to and from the front line,at some point during the war he suffered from a hernia,but luckily no other injuries.

I have searched the national Archives to no avail the medal rolls,have a few William Salmons but i cannot find a link with any of them.

One last point,I have been told that his badge was of an animal lying down,of which i can only find two,the Lincolnshire Regt (Spinx) and the Hertfordshire Regment(Hart).

This is all the information I have not much to go on......the link to the Herts Regt is tenuous to say the least but being born in Essex,William may have been recruited from the next door county.

Any I :huh::huh: dears please


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Name: William Salmons

Estimated Birth Year: abt 1879

Age at enlistment: 36

Residence: 82 Canal Rd, Mile End

Document Year: 1915

Regimental Number: 49540

Number of Images: 11

pm me with your email and Ill send the copy to you

regards Dave

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