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Men transferred from 13th RIR to 12th RIR...


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I am just wondering if the regimental number of a soldier would have changed if he was transferred from the 13th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles to the 12th Bn?

Also I am looking for any more information on Private Alexander (A.) Stevenson of the 13th Royal Irish Rifles

Here is what I know...

Private/Rifleman Alexander Stevenson

13th Bn Royal Irish Rifles

Regiment No. 13/19854

Enlistment: September 17th, 1914 in Comber, Co Down

Discharge: March 29th, 1919 Class Z (Army Reserve)

Awarded the Military Medal as per the History of the 36th Ulster Division (cannot locate MIC)

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As far as I know they kept their own number but the prefix changed e.g. 15/11748 became 2/11748 when my GGrandfather transferred for a period from the 15th to the 2nd btn.

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Hi Keri

Sent you an e-mail with attachments, hope you received them OK.

Tommy. :huh:

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  • 13 years later...

Hi Lester, welcome to the GWF.

It must be a list of those who served, for he survived WW1?


Edited by Ivor Anderson
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Hi Ivor  You are correct.  He survived the war.  Attached photo of memorial for those who served M - to - W he is bottom of middle row. Sorry for the quality of the photo if you want a better one I will try again later. 177100159_1ComberPresby6.JPG.45489364947a2087505ec4ac9585de7d.JPG

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