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Judas Farm and Fontaine Church


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From 95 Brigade RFA War Diary on the 4th of June 1917 my grandfathers battery was receiving hostile fire in the vicinity of Fontaine Church map co ordinate T 17 a 0 4 then on the 5th June they were receiving hostile fire in the vicinity of Judas Farm map co ordinate T 27 a 1 0

Also on the 4th June there is a an entry - "Aerial activity on both sides normal.An enemy plane(an ALBATROSS painted red) was bought down in our lines in U19. Pilot was taken prisoner. The aeroplane was reported to be undamaged".

Does anyone have any information or old photographs on these particular sites and what battle may have been taking place at this time.

I am planning to travel to these areas next year and would like to know if there is anything left of the church or Judas Farm.

What division did 95 Brigade belong to was it 21st?

Thanks for any replies


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95th Brigade was 32 Div till 26Dec1915, when it transferred to 5 Div. The Long Long Trail does not identify 5 Div being involved in a specific battle 0n 4Jun1917, but I guess that artillery fire wouldn't be limited only to times of specific battles?



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