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Alexander Robinson Help Please

Guest Mary-Anne

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Hello,I am a newbie from Spain.

I am not sure if my posting is allowed,but I really need some help

I am not an ex-service person,I am researching my Grandfather Alexander Robinson, born about 1897? in CO TYRONE

Married in 1915 as a minor in Auchnacloy,Co Tyrone N.Ireland.

I was told that he was in R.I.C./R.U.C.,after reading many documents about RIC,it seems he would have been to young,and that he needed to have served 7 years before he could marry,as he was minor when he married,R I C seems unlikely.

I do have an old photo of him in what I am told is Constabulary uniform,he appears to be VERY young,but I am also told that there was little or no difference between the uniforms.

I vaguely remember my Mother mentioning B Specials,although I paid little notice as a child, would the uniform been the same?

Could he have been Black and Tan?

I can find no information on Alexander Robinson,surely he would have been old enough to have served sometime in first world war?

As both my parents AND Grandparents divorced , and now dead, I have no way of finding my Grandfathers grave.

Thank you


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Welcome to the Forum - and just to set your mind at rest, very few of our members are ex-services. Most of us are either researching family history or just have an interest in WW1.

The best advice I can give you just now is to click the link at the top of the page to the Long Long Trail and read the "research" section. This will tell you almost all there is to know about finding out about someone's service during the war.

The difficulty you have is that he has a comparitively common name and without some further information it is going to be difficult to separate your Alexander for the other Alexanders.

There are other sites which specialise in the RIC and it may be worth you searching them out to see if they have any record of him. It is possible that if he was in the police he didnt serve in the war in the army.

Have a read of the section I mention then pleas ecome back and ask any questiosn you may still have.


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The closest I can come for the R.I.C. is a George Alexander Robinson, born 1894, Kerry, enlisted 1913.

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