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Good evening gents

My very good friend Graham Stewart bought this "Northumberland Fusilier" group on ebay. Immediately it arrived he realised that it had been mis identified and they are infact Royal Fusiliers, so he passed it on to me for my collection. It is however very interesting.

The men appear to be wearing cloth titles the man second right in the rear rank has a dark title with even darker letters,

The man kneeling at the left has a white or yellow title with dark letters and seated two to his right has the same title but it appears to have something below it.

Questions 1 does any one know the colour scheme? is it a company indicator? or different battalions?

2 is it early or late

3 Both Graham and myself feel they may be either 1, 2, 3 or 4th Bns City of London Royal Fusiliers

Any comments or info greatly received







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