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Zeppelin L-15, 1916


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Dear colleagues,

I'm currently trying to research as much as possible on the downed Zeppelin L-15, 31st March/1st April 1916 near London.

If anyone has any documents, or even the slightest relevant material, I'd be very ineterested to receive copies, for which I can pay reasonable costs. If photocopying or photographing, please ensure the quality is reasonably good.

I'm also curious about the Lord Wakefield medal, which bears a 1933 Birmingham hallmark for a 1916 action. Quite a delay! If anyone can shed light on that story, again I'd be very interested to hear from you.

Kind regards,

John Rowlands


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L-15 ? (Construction number LZ48, at Löwenthal) Maidentrip on September 9th,1915.

Was based originally at Nordholz and from September 21, 1915 at Hage .

Commander was Kplt. Breithaupt

Made 36 flights was mainly in service over the Northsea, made 8 recognition flights and 3 succesfull raids on England from which two on London, in total it dropped 5,780 kg on bombs.

On 1st April 1916 it was hit by AA-fire and due to gaslosses it came down into the Northsea at Knock Deep.

The crew was saved and made POW , apart from one who got killed.

It had 4 motors Maybach, each 240 HP.

But into my books isn't much to find about this history!

All know is here are illustrated wartime papers giving an illustrated version of her downing and drifting at sea , no real photo's known to me...!

Probably illustrated wartime postcards on it relased too..;(The strafer strafed serials! I have such, but don't know where they are stored at this moment!)

I have in a book one photo (but notice this book is copyrigthed!) from the L-15!

I scan it and sent it on your personal e-mail ,but notice = copyrighted!

Eventually you can advice you the AHT to see if they haven't more (contact the webmaster there!)


Especially in function to that medal!

They have members who could help you further and are in conatct with so a bit all important authors into these airship historey matters!

They published about the downed zeppelins already a lot of articles into the past into their membershipsmagazine "DIRIGIBLE"!

Sofar remember also on L-15 and L-19!



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John, LZ15 was shot down by Second Lieutenant Alfred de Bath Brandon. In Arch Whitehouse's 'The Zeppelin Fighters', published 1966, he mentions Brandon's report could be found at The Imperial War Museum. It may be worth getting in touch with them.


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Here are some articles on the L-15 from The Times:





I'll leave these here for a while but they will be removed eventua-lly (said in a Manuel voice). If interested, save local copies.



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