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A name that has been pushed my way as a possible interest ( Father lived in Purton ), he is only the 2nd RN interest i have come across so am unfamillier with availability to service records etc


230362, (RFR/PO/B/2774). H.M.S. "Good Hope.", Royal Navy

who died age 31 on 01 November 1914

Husband of Ellen Thompson (formerly Bowen), of 76, St. Chads Avenue, North End, Portsmouth. Native of Swindon.

Remembered with honour


I am aware of the action for that date, my question is as follows ( Questions )

RFR/PO/B/2774 Can someone explain this, i am taking that he was a career Naval man at the moment PO =Petty Officer ??????

What/Where/How easy to access service records for Royal Navy men

Best Regards

Bob lloyd

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Hi Bob.

His R.N. service record is here. The age doesn't quite match with that given above (would have been closer to 28 when he died - it's late so my maths might be out) but his service number matches. You can download it for £3.50.



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Royal Fleet Reserve /POrtsmouth was his home port/B class reservist - men who have served in the navy but not in receipt of a pension/2774 number in the PO RFR.

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He was Royal Fleet Reserve (served his time in the Royal Navy and was recomended to join the reserve), mobilized in July 1914 and got a draft to a 3rd Fleet warship.

Regards charles

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