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Remembered Today:

Herbert F. Harrison 1624 Durham L. I.

Adam Llewellyn

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You should be aware he was an original enlistment to 18/Durham LI The Durham Pals, he was posted to 21 (Reserve) Battalion. The 21st sent a large number of 18 Bn men to 15/DLI in early 1916.

His number should be prefixed 18/1624


John Sheen

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Just happen to have the diary for that month.

Will get it off to you by e-mail. I'm sure it would have been your next request :lol:


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Good Evening All,

A bit of a long story, but basically on the Anstey Memorial there are two Harrison's, H and H. F. I have found Herbert Jarvis Harrison 6745 Coldstream Guards and resident of Anstey and I'm taking him as the H., no problems all sorted. So I'm now looking for H. F. and after having a chat with the local historian last night, he thought that Herbert 1624 could have been my man but there was no link to Anstey. So after getting home at the wrong hour of the day to start searching, I decided to have a quick butchers when I got to work, re the request from yourselves. With no link to Anstey I'm going to have to look again unless he could have been a resident at the time, possible, I suppose.

John, Thanks for the additional information its very much appreciated.

Glyn, Thanks for the diary, even if Herbert is not my man I will have some interesting reading.

Regards. Llew.

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