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Identification of VC Recipient


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I have in my posession the attached photograph of a VC recipient at some function with his obviously proud good lady.

Unfortunately I have no idea who he is,or his nationallity.The only information is on the back which states that it is a copyright photograph

by Mirrorpic Daily Mirror, Holborn Circus, London. EC.1

I would be most grateful for any suggestions as to who the gentleman is.


Bob Norman


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Off the top of my head I think I recognise him but can't put a name to the face. Certainly taken after 1952/53 as he's wearing the Coronation Medal for the Queen (which doesn't necc mean he attended as they were issued to VC holders irrespective). Unfortunately back in "the day" there were 100's of VC recipients still alive from the Boer War through to Korea. Obviously this one is WW1 related, but given that over 600 earned.........


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The chap behind the couple is wearing a George Cross, possibly on its own but its impossible to tell. From the style of the lady's hat and coat I would suggest the the two were either attending a VC&GC Association ceremony or attending the VC&GC Buckingham Palace garden party held in 1962 (IIRC).

The medal group is by no means unique but it can date the VC to at least 1916 - onwards as there is no 1914 or 1914 - 15 Star present to widen the date window.

Whoever he is, it looks as though he took the precaution of keeping his VC separately from the rest of his medals because it looks to me like it is mounted on a single brooch bar.

I'll have a look at the photo's I have and see if I can put a name to the face. Like Les says, he is familiar, but not immediately identifiable from memory.



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I'll have a look at the photo's I have and see if I can put a name to the face. Like Les says, he is familiar, but not immediately identifiable from memory.



Many thanks Nigel and Evil Taxman for your courteous replies.

It would be nice to put a name to the face and read the act of heroism for which he earned his VC.


Bob Norman

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Nice call on the GC Nigel.... didn't notice that one - too busy staring at his face!

The GC & VC connection could be the initial meeting of the VC & GC Association in 1958.

The following is fromn Iain Stewart's VC site......

During the celebrations to commemorate the Centenary of the Victoria Cross in June 1956, Brigadier Sir John Smyth Bt, VC, MC, MP, was approached with the suggestion that he should form a VC Association. However, Brigadier Smyth, being a busy Member of Parliament and having no headquarters for an association, was about to turn down the invitation when he received a telephone call from Sir Ralph Raynor MP, chairman of the Royal Society of St George. On behalf of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire and the Royal Society, of which the Duke was president and H.M. the Queen patron, Sir Ralph Raynor invited John Smyth to form a VC Association based on St. George's House and 'under the umbrella' of the Royal Society.

This gesture by the Royal Society made the whole thing possible and Sir John Smyth accepted the chairmanship of the association and it functioned for the first time on the occasion of the tea party held in Westminster Hall on 25th June 1956. On the morning of 27th June the newly constituted committee of the Victoria Cross Association met at St. George's House consisting of twenty-four VCs, thirteen from the United Kingdom and eleven from the Commonwealth.

At the second meeting a decision was made to invite holders of the George Cross to Associate Membership. The Committee of the VC Association in June 1956 was then as follows:

Chairman VC Association

Brigadier Sir John SMYTH Bt, VC, MC, MP

Vice-Chairmen - VC Association

The Reverend Geoffrey WOOLLEY VC, OBE, MC, MA United Kingdom

Brigadier Milton GREGG VC, CBE, MC Canada

Committee Members - VC Association

Captain Augustus AGAR VC, DSO United Kingdom

Mr John CHRISTIE VC United Kingdom

Group Captain Hughie EDWARDS VC, DSO, OBE, DFC United Kingdom

Mr Thomas GOULD VC United Kingdom

Lieutenant Colonel Reginald HAINE VC, MC United Kingdom

Major David JAMIESON VC United Kingdom

Mr Cyril MARTIN GC, MC United Kingdom

Captain Alfred POLLARD VC, MC, DCM United Kingdom

Air Commodore Frederick WEST VC, CBE, MC United Kingdom

Lance Corporal William SPEAKMAN VC United Kingdom

Captain Edward BELLEW VC Canada

Lieutenant Colonel William JOYNT VC Australia

Lieutenant Quentin SMYTHE VC South Africa

Colonel Premindra BHAGAT VC India

Subadar Gaje GHALE VC India

Lieutenant Colonel Mahmood DURRANI GC Pakistan

Subadar Khudadad KHAN VC Pakistan

Havildar Ali HAIDER VC Pakistan

The Reverend Keith ELLIOTT VC New Zealand

Mr John HINTON VC New Zealand

Here's a link to the page....... Iain Stewart's VC site. It's just a case of going through the names and crossing off the non-WW1 VCs.


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I'm going to stick my neck out and say that I think it's W. D. Joynt VC and the lady must be his wife, Edith Joynt.



Think you could be right.



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