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Edward Glover - East Lancs - or is he?


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Rjaydee asked for my advice on this one and we're both stuck.

You'll see from the MIC that he enters a theatre of war on 28/4/15 and his CWGC record shows him killed on 13/5/15 serving with 1st East Lancashires and he is commemorated on the Menin Gate. However, you'll see that the MIC has been added to with appears to be prior service with the Lancashire Fusiliers and that service number appears to be as a regular.

The starting point is to assume the MIC is correct and Ralph would like to try and establish a possible chain of events. We would say, therefore, that this is a regular soldier who did not go abroard until many months after the outbreak. When he did so, it was as a member of 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers (the regular battalion then in Belgium). He was then transferred, on arrival or shortly afterwards, to 1st East Lancashire.

It seems odd that a regular would be transferred away from his own unit so quickly. Ralph has not been able to find service papers nor any newspaper reports which would help. Can anyone throw any light on the matter?


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Hi John, have the War Dairies been checked for new arrivals...just a thought, but could he have been an instructor of some kind?

The 2nd LF were in Bailleul on the 27th April and Vlamertinghe on the 29th. Took over trenches at Mouse Trap Farm on 30th. 2nd May saw a heavy gas attack, just 30 or so men from 'B' Company left fit for duty. The battalion was relieved on the 4th and withdrew to Vlamertinghe. They were moved to bivouacs four miles north of Poperinghe 8th-13th May. (sourced from Westlake)

The 1st East Lancs were moved to billets two miles south east of Bailleul on 28th April, moved to Vlamertinghe next day and from there to reserve trenches at Zevenkote. Moved to trenches north of Wieltje on 9th May. Took part in the fighting at Mouse Trap Farm 13th-14th May. (sourced from Westlake)

Good luck,

cheers, Jon

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Similar thing shows up with my own uncle. Joined up in '14 with a four-digit service number, went o/seas, wounded, used as an instructor at home during recovery, returned to duty with a new regiment, 15 B, transferred next day to 2 Bn. In service, we all learned first not to volunteer and, second, not to ask. Cheers!

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