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HMS Triumph


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I have today received some documents from the National Archives regarding the casualties from HMS Triumph on which my great uncle served. A small number of the casualties from when the Triumph sank are listed as Dead (including my great uncle) while the bulk are classed as Missing. My great uncle is listed by the CWGC as having no known grave but the sea and we had always assumed he went down with the ship. Is it possible his body was recovered and then buried at sea or are there other possible explanations?

His details are below. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hello Dee, find here a gong for survivor of TRIUMPH ;

BROCK Donald C N/E Lt. RN 88X501

Flag Lt. to V.A. Cmdg. East Coast England Vice Admiral S Nicholson

10.07.19 N/E Post War OBE(M)

Lieutenant Brock was serving in H.M.S. "Triumph", when she was torpedoed and sunk off Gallipoli on the 25th May, 1915, and his health suffered considerably from his long immersion.

He served as my Flag Lieutenant when I was in command of the East Coast of England, from October, 1916 to July, 1918, and carried out his duties which were extremly onerous, with great zeal and ability.

Regards Sadsac

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If his is listed as dead, he would be reported as dying by a witness, the initial instict is to save the living, the dead unless recovered later would be left to find thier own resting place.

Regards Charles

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