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Pte M Corrigan 25017 19th Bn Manchester Reg


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I am trying to find out more about Private M Corrigan (No. 25017)

of the 19th Bn, Manchester Reg (son of Martin and Mary Corrigan

of Openshaw, Manchester).

The CWGC have his date of death as 4th of October 1918, and

state he is buried in Vevey St Martin's Cemetery, Switzerland.

I was wondering would there be anymore paperwork of a man who

died in Switzerland while I assume he was a wounded POW. I notice he

is mentioned as being with the 19th Bn, however I was wondering

when he would have captured.

Any information would be great.


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have you searched the POW section of the LLT ?

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I didn't know that was there. I have

just searched and came up with this:


a Corrigan who was a POW and served with the

Manchester Reg. however I'm not sure it is the same


Would he have been able to fill a form in had he died

in Switzerland in 1918? Could he have filled forms in

prior to dying?

I am also having problems finding him on the SDGW.


PS. I have posted this thread twice my mistake. Is there any way I can join them

to have all of the answers put together?


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I don't know the answer to your particular question but there was another Manchester's Corrigan (26737 A. Corrigan) reported as Missing in the same issue of The Times as M. Corrigan.


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found him straight away on soldiers died - use his number

and to join, either PM a mod or just put a link and then close one of them (moderator options bottom left if its you who started the thread)

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Ok. Thanks for that.

I only use the SDGW on the Military Geneaology website so I can't

search by number, only name and location. There are three and I

was wondering which one he was (without spending a credit every time).

Could you tell me is he the Salford man, or one of the two from Bolton or



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born Bradford, Manchester

enlisted Manchester

shown as died

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The Germans paroled badly wounded French POWs to Switzerland; I don't know the conditions, terms, etc. I do not know if they did it with UK soldiers, but here it suggests that they did.

Bob Lembke

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Thanks for that.

Would I have to go the Kew to look at the POW file for Corrigan to

see if it is the correct man?

Could they have interviewed him while he was in Switzerland prior to his



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pte 25017 martin corrigan

19th manchesters

enlisted 29-11-15.he was given permission to leave his employment,by the ministry of munitions

occupation,electro plater at trafford park

age on enlistment.27yrs


residence.14 bosworth st,openshaw [parents martin+mary]

NOK listed as

mrs mary pennington,9 kirkham st,openshaw[sister] +miss ada lee,8 steam st,bradford,manchester.

11-1-16 posted to 26th res batt,manchester regt

25-5-16 embarked for bolougne on board the SS golden eagle,landed the same day

26-5-16 arrived at etaples.

23-7-16 reported wounded and missing at guillemont,later reported to have suffered a gunshot wound,and a POW at mariancourt.

listed as on board a hospital train bound for germany.

POW in langensaltz camp

he contracted influenza followed by pneumonia while in the internment camp at montreaux,he was sent to the sanitorium,but died 13 days later,on 4-10-18 at 10.30

he was nursed by sisters barbay+tivey

buried by clergyman carden of the english church at vevey.

his NOK were informed of his death by major lomax,infantry records officer.

his personal effects were forwarded to his NOK.

1 purse

2 pipes

20 cents

1 album of photos

1 bundle of photos+letters



gigarette lighter

small hammer

1 tin sardines

1 wallet

1 cap badge

sorry jonathan,thats all i have on martin


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