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50th Division


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Would anybody know roughly the Divisions Artillery Brigades positions on the 15th Sept 1916.

In particular the 252nd Brigade



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50 Division were installed around Bazentin le Petit on 15 September 1916. Two of their infantry Brigades,149 and 150 (I guess 251 were in reserve somewhere a bit safer) were in the front line facing Hook Trench, SSE of Martinpuich, and west of High Wood. I have tried to provide a War Diary ref to 252nd Bde but failed to find it. There are quite a few Diary refs to 50 Division in the Catalogue but no breakdown as to which Diary is for which unit.

Best wishes


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According to the 50th Division history Fleurs Courcelette was the first battle in which the "creeping barrage" known as such was used.

"For the battle the 50th Div. Artillery with the 276th Bde R.F.A attached was mainly disposed in the Caterpillar Valley and the valley left of bazentin-le-Grand wood.

In these positions they formed the centre group of the Divisional Artillery of the III Corps.

The batteries of the 250th Bde, RFA were split up and attached to the 251st, 252nd, & 253 Field Artillery Bdes of the 50th Divisional Artillery.

From the gunners' point of view the front held by the 50th Div. had been divided into four equal sectors, each being covered by one sub-group of the Divisional Artillery i.e. 252nd Bde covering the right sector, then in the following order 251st, 253rd & 276th.

An artillery officer was sent to each infantry bde as liaison officer and to some of the Battalions."

The front allotted to the division was about 1,100 yds in extent, increasing to 1,800 yds at the final objective.

The enemy occupied High Wood on the right flank of the Division and Martinpuich on the left flank

The 50th Div. were slightly further forward because the 47th Div on the right had to start about 300 yds in the rear of the right flank of the DIv. and the 15th Div, had to start 250 yds behind the left flank of the division. The flanks of the 50th Div were therefore in most dangerous & exposed position.


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