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Kevin O'Marah

Q Ship

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Kevin O'Marah

Looking for any information about Q ship HMS Heather.



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There is a little bit about it here if you search on "Sub/Lt James Jickell RNVR".

Best wishes


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HMS Heather

also known as Bywater, Seetrus, Q 16

Aubretia Class Sloop

Built 1916 1,250 Tons

2 x 4inch

1 x 3pdr AA

Depth Charge Throwers

Damaged 21/04/1917 by U52 300 miles West from Ushant.

Sold 1923

Regards Charles

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Kevin, find here two awards for HEATHER - HMS / HMD ???

SSV seems most likely - make of them what you will ;

AUTEN Harold N/E Lt. RNR 85U078 Heather

C-in-C Queenstown 06.04.18 Gazetted

Queenstown Sloops ending 31.12.17 DSC

For continuous service in Special Service Vessels, Zylpha and Heather since the 23rd September, 1917. He engaged and damaged an enemy submarine on the 25th August, 1917.

Conspicuous ability in salving S.S. "Redbridge", on the 22nd November, 1917.

RITCHIE Charles 1240WSA Skipper RNR 83P345

H.M. Drifter Heather Vice Admiral Milford Haven N/E N/E

Action with enemy submarines 17.08.18 N/E

Their Lordships' consider that the hunt and attacks carried out by him on the 16-17th August, 1918, was well executed and showed much tenacity, and that an expression of their appreciation may be conveyed to him.

Heather, in cooperation with the other vessels concerned, attacked the enemy in a very able and prompt manner, and rendered conspicuous good service. They were instumental in saving the convoy and escort from destruction, and it is not improbable that damage was inflicted on the submarine by their attack.

Regards Sadsac

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The HMS Heather was used in 1920 to transport Irish republican prisoners to Ballykinlar prison camp in Co. Down, carrying them from Cork to Belfast harbour. Photo of Heather attached. One prisoner of Ballykinlar camp (Justice Louis J. Walsh) wrote, in 1921:

"the voyage of the Heather from Cork ...(f)or most of my fellow-hutsmen had been brought up from Kilworth Camp, penned like sheep in the ' hold ' of that vessel. They were two days on the journey, during which time they got nothing to eat except a few ' dog ' biscuits. When they arrived at the Belfast Docks, they were treated to a display of choice conduct and still choicer language..."

British Navy sloop Heather (1).JPG

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