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Remembered Today:

American who died April 8, 1918?

paul guthrie

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Well Dave I think that's the end of this thread, well done. We will let the Last Post Committee make the choice. WFA USA will lay the wreath and recite the exhortation April 8. We will make an appropriate donation to the committee after our trip.

Thanks to all who helped.


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Evening all.

A Stevedore,as far as i remember,is a dockyard worker.

Maybe this guy was helping to unload he guys from the states and was KIA.

Just a thought.



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There is no chance he was KiA but likely died of disease or accident. They never got near the front but worked unloading ships and maybe loading the trucks and rail cars that moved the material.

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Just to clear up.

Ervin Jackson (our Stevedore friend from Alabama),definately was not KIA.

He is listed as simply "died". This covers a range of things,but none of them are combat related.


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