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Joseph Brooke (Sergeant Cheshire Regt)


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I am seeking information about my Grandfather, Joseph Brooke of the Cheshire Regiment Service Number 9518.

Born 12/12/1893 in Broadbottom, Cheshire.

Have his MIC see attached. Presumable he was in 1st Battalion?

His marriage certificate (20th September 1918 in Birkenhead) states that he is a Sergeant in the 15th Battalion of the Cheshire regiment. Presumably, on home leave? on the reverse of the certificate is a stamp (Officer I/C Records. No 2 Record Office Shrewsbury. Please quote Ches 1/1339/G. Dated 14th Nov 1918.

I have his regimental swag stick and a 1908 pattern cavalry sword which presumably was a trophy.

Attached is his MIC.

The only photo I have of him (Sgt in the centre) I will attach to another post.. The reverse of the photo (postcard back is printed as Isle of Man).

Can anyone help with any further information?




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The Long Long Trail, at top left of this page,shows a likelihood that he was in the 1st Battn Cheshires,which was attached to 15 Brigade of 5 Division when it shipped out to France and Flanders in August 1914:


The date of the Division's shipment was earlier than that shown on your subject's MIC but only by a week or two.

Best wishes


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The Cheshire 1st battalion was the only Cheshire battation in France or Belgium during August of 1914. The 2nd battalion were still stationed in India upto Xmas eve 1914 when they landed in the UK. So you man was certainly 1ST battalion.


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Many thanks, Sotonmate and Steve.

Attached is a photo of Sgt Joseph Brooke (on the "postcard" reverse there is no message but the printing says Isle of Man- any relevance?)



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The only Cheshire unit that I can think having a Manx connection was the 3rd Garrison Battalion. Of course, whilst the postcard may have printed on the Isle of man, there's no telling where it might have been sold.

There seems to be lettering above the door - is it any clearer on the original?


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Thanks, John.

The writing above the door is not clear on the original. I suppose that the photo-sensitive paper with postcard back could have been used anywhere.

Would Joseph Brooke have been a regular (his service number was 9518)? My father used to say that he signed up under-age. But his date of birth obviously means that this would have been before the Great War.


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Yep, I'd say from his number that he was prewar regular. It doesnt pre-date the war by too much, in my view. Perhaps joine dwhen he was 18 or thereabouts.


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