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7th (Service) Battalion, East Lancashire

Guest KatieEll

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For personal reasons I have recently been trying to research information on the 7th (service) Battalion of East Lancashire. I know they were a part of K2 and were attached to the 56th Brigade and a part of the 19th Western Division. (if of that information is incorrect, than it would be great if you would let me know!)

My question is... what actual battles did this battalion take part in? If anyone knows than I would be extremely grateful!

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Welcome Katie;

I suggest you have a look at the LONG LONG TRAIL (link top left of the screen) which will provide you with some good detail

The link HERE (CLICK CLICK) will take you to the page detailing the battles the 19th Western Div were involved in - to be sure of the role played by your particular battalion you are probably going to need a regimental or divisional history or to consult the Battalion War Diary at the National Archive

In addition there may well be experts here who will emerge to answer your question.

The long long trail site is always a good place to start.

Once again welcome


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Hi Katie, welcome to the forum :D

like Chris has already mentioned the mother site is the best place to start. The 19th Division's casualties during the war amounted to 39,381 killed, wounded and missing. 3 V.C's were won by the Division whilst on the Somme, 1 by Temp Lt. Wilkinson of the 7th East Lancs.

The following is taken from Westlake's 'Battalions on the Somme 1916'

7th (Service) Battalion. 56th Brigade, 19th (Western) Division:

Moved to small ridge overlooking Ovillers in readiness for attack (1/7). Orders did not arrive and withdrew to previous positions at Tara-Usna Line. That evening to railway line just south of Albert. 'C' and 'D' Companies and party of bombers loaned to 101st Brigade, 34th Division (2/7) - their task to clear Sausage and Heligoland Redoubts and if possible Scots Redoubt beyond. Battalion historian notes that the 2 companies were met at Becourt Wood by the Brigade-Major (101st Brigade) who remarked upon the age of the officers - the oldest being 26. He openly stated that he did think the companies capable of carrying out their task. When relieved - all objectives had been taken and held against counter attacks. Some 800 yards off front and second line trench had been taken at a cost of just 19 casualties. To trenches in front of La Boisselle (4/7). Attacked through village (5/7) - heavy congestion in the trenches -enemy holding off attack with bombs. Renewed attack (6/7) more successful and enemy driven back. Withdrew to Albert (7/7) and from there to Millencourt and Henencourt Wood (10/7). To Mametz Wood (19/7) and from there trenches in front of Bazentin-le-Petit. In support during attack on Switch Trench (23/7). Withdrew to south end of Mametz Wood and later Becourt Wood (24/7). To Franvillers (1/8). Entrained at Frechencourt for Longpre (3/8) and from there entrained for Bailleul (6/8). Arrived Doullens (5/10) and from there marched to Couin. To Sailly-au-Bois (11/10), front line Hebuterne sector (13/10), camp west of Albert (18/10), bivouacs just north of Albert (19/10), trenches in old German line east of Aveluy Wood (19/10), Stuff and Bainbridge Trenches, Schwaben Redoubt (24/10). Relieved after repulsing strong attack and to Donnet Post (26/10). From there took turns in line at Stuff Trench. Attacked (13/11) - moved forward through thick fog at 5.20 a.m. - all objectives taken by 7 a.m. Relieved in evening and to Aveluy. Moved forward to Hansa Trench (17/11 ). Attack on Baillescourt Farm beyond Grandcourt (18/11) - held up by machine gun fire and line established across front of village. Position held until relieved early (20/11) and to reserve dug-outs at St. Piere-Divion.

Hope this helps in your quest,

cheers, Jon

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Thank you both so much for your replies, both of your posts have helped me enormously! This information is very important to me... Thank you again so much! :D

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Guest whitesidewalls

I too am researching information on the 7th (service) Battalion of East Lancashire.

I am keen to know more about what happened leading up to the 31st July 1917 and their positions.

On 31st July 1917 my grandfather Private Fred Martin won a MM. He said it was for running messages through enemy fire, although there is a belief that he may have carried a wounded soldier back to safety..

If anyone can highlight any information it woiuld be appreciated


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Hi David, welcome to the forum.

the battalion War Diary is at the NA here. It's not available online yet and will cost you around £8.50 for 10 pages (about a months worth) So hopefully soeone will come along with the goods before you part with you're hard earned cash,

cheers, Jon

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Hi Whitesidewalls, welcome to the forum, at last.

Jay Dubaya - no need to worry about David parting with 'hard earned cash' - he is a 'sales manager'.

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