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the gurkhas in the battle of sari bair


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will somebody on the forum be able to give me information on the number of casualities of the british forces who attacked on Hill Q in the battle of sari bair?



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info from booklet 'Gurkhas at Gallipoli' by M. H. Broadway, May 1992, 17 pages, from The Gurkha Museum, Winchester, Hants

1/5 GR: fighting on the 7th & 8th August - 206 casualties, including five of its British Officers

On the 8th they were joined by their 'missing' company which had suffered only 'slight loss' during the separation

8th & 9th spent in defensive positions; On the 10th they helped check a Turkish attack from Chunuck Bair

"After some days in consolidation, 1/5th was relieved and rejoined Brigade HQ"

No further casualty details for this action

2/10 GR: after fighting (with NZs and the missing company from 1/5 GR) on the 7th August, the battalion "had only two British Officers left; the Commanding Officer and a subaltern."

8th August, dug in 'in area of the Farm'

9th August, attacked the crest line; "The Gurkhas, now reduced to about 100 men, managed to push forward to within sixty yards of the crest before being halted by heavy fire."

10th August, Turkish counter attack

No details of casualties - 2/10 GR rejoin Brigade HQ

1/6 GR (led by Allanson): 7th Aug. 'some 500 yards below the crest of Hill Q'

8th August, advanced to about 200 yards below the crest 'with only slight casualties'

after dark pushed forward another 50 yards then dug in.

9th August, at first light '..the Gurkhas and British (Warwicks led by Bill Slim, then a Lieutenant) about 40 in all, charged forward."

Allanson was wounded, then 'shortly after a salvo of heavy shells landed on top of the Gurkhas'

At the end, 'every British Officer had been killed or wounded except the Medical Officer'

No further details of casualties for this action

I know it's not much, but it might help a little



ps: with regards to 1/6 GR I see that the British OH states (see Gallipoli Vol II, page 219) "They repulsed several efforts to dislodge them, and only retired next morning on receipt of definate orders to do so. Their losses had then exceeded 200."

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Here'a a photo from the Illustrated War News of the 1/6th Gurkha's before they were sent to Gallipoli.

"...swearing in recruits at Abbottabad..."

The "1st Battalion 6th Gurlhas(formerly the 42nd Light Infantry),the only Gurkha Rifles Regiment possessing colours..."


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Mullaly's History of the 10th GR states that the 2/10th lost 2 British Officers and 4 Gurkha Officers killed; 83 Gurkha o.r. killed; and I British and 6 Gurkha officers and 172 o.r. wounded - all in the four-day battle 7-10 August. He also comments that they lost 20% of their 250-strong number in an hour's fighting on the 9th.

The Historical records of the 6th Gurkha Rifles gives 3 British officers and 42 Gurkha o.r. killed; 3 British and 3 Gurkha officers and 153 Gurkha o.r. wounded.

Nothing on the 5th, I'm afraid.

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