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Naval Petty Officer's sleeve insignia


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Hi everyone,

Wondered whether anyone could confirm what these are? They supposedly came from the uniform of a Petty Officer in WW1 who later served WW2. Not sure what rank he was after 1919 when his record of service grinds to a halt (marked "transferred to card".....where are these cards?).

Any thoughts much appreciated.



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Hi Dom,

The crossed anchors with a crown above is a Petty Officer's sleeve badge with the full quota of three good conduct badges below that. The other badge [which is upside down in the photo] of crossed torpedoes with a star above was worn by Leading Torpedo Men from 1903-1947.



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Dom, ARABIS is correct re identification of badges - the crown is of course the Kings crown.

Transferred to card !!! - - you may / will find that he is a submariner (clue - torps). but other ships have torps.

Therefore CARD is held (maybe) in RN Submarine Museum.

Have you got a name / number / other info ??

3 stripes gives him 12 + years service (with good conduct)

Could have been Torpedoman or even Coxswain of boat if Seaman.

Could be that he was a `boy' in 1919 - or a very young OS / AB

Keep scratching head


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Torpedoes were carried even on battleships.

The torpedo branch also were responsible for the ships electronics.

Usually the stamp refers to "transferred to card 1/1/1929."

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Thanks for all the replies, guys. He was J1840 Percy Stanley INGE, who won the DSM at Zeebrugge on HMS Intrepid. No mention of submarines on his record. He was definitely a Petty Officer in 1918. I too was surprised at the notation 'transferred to card' in 1920 rather than later.



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