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Records of woundedand missing

andrew pugh

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Good Evening.

Could anybody tell me if there are any archives anyhere that give the names of soldiers all wounded and or missing on the western front,would the British Red Cross be the ones who might have these records?

Best Regards Andy

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Kew records MH106/1 forward to 2389 have a representative sample of wounded troops treated,starting with 14 Field Ambulance. If you have a week to spare and are able to trace where whoever it is you are looking for was wounded you might get a stroke of luck,but...........representative is the key word,it seems.

Best wishes


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Hi Sotomate.

I get the message! tough one!.Im sure i could find something better to do for a week,field walking ect.

Thanks Andy

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The Times published lists of wounded, missing and killed, at least into early 1916.
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