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Queens/ Labour Corps, Egypt


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Slightly perplexed here. Could any kind Queens/Labour expert fill me in on this one?

I have the medal papers for a chap who began military life as 46633 Pte with the Queens (West Surrey) and then became 75825 with the Labour Corps.

Would I be right in guessing that he had been with a Labour Battalion of the Queens? Which one? And which Company of the LC did this become?

I have seen a photo of him in pith helmet etc. I believe that 14th (Labour) Bn of the Queens went to Salonika, but I know of no other Middle Eastern connection.

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Guest Ian Bowbrick


This man was in the 19th Infantry Labour Company Queens Regt which became the 127th Company Labour Corps in April 1917.

(The 14th Infantry Labour Coy of the Queens Regt became the 122th Company of the Labour Corps and the original members had the numbers in the range 72401 to 73200)

Ian :)

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127 Company spent all their time in France.

Also I have not come across anyone with a number close to his who served with the LC in either Salonika or Egypy.

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