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My Grandfather was a Sgt. in the RSF and although he came through the horrors of WW1 he was eventually to go back to France, Le Havre to be exact as a stoker on board a M erchant Vessel. He went ashore on the 21 Jan.1939 to post a letter home and his body was eventually recovered from the River Seine near Roune where he was interred by the Royal British Legion.I am trying to find a reason for this and that is why I would like as much information about the RSF during WW1 as possible.


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Hello Sid

Welcome to the forum

Have a look at this page.

At least four battalions of the RSF would have disembarked at Le Havre, and many thousands of men would have passed through it subsequently, on their way to or from the RSF.

What do you know about your grandfather's service with the RSF? Any numbers, dates?

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The new book you mention is about the 16th Battalion Royal Scots raised in Edinburgh by Sir George McCrae.

Just finished it and WOW what a good read.


There isnt a lot of good info in print. The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers by John Buchan to name one of few, is a good place to start. This tells the history from the raising of the Regimant to end of the Great War.

It is very hard to get a hold of.

Best sources are on the mother page of this site, Jock and Malcolm could help point the way as well.


James Brown

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