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German Verlustlisten

Ralph J. Whitehead

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Ralph J. Whitehead

Some of you may recall that I have started to collect all of the available German Verlustlisten for WWI. While these lists are limited in some of the information they provide I did come across a useful benefit.

I also collect German Sterbebild, commonly known as death cards. Many of these cards list full details on the individual soldier while many just list the soldier as a member of a reserve regiment or active regiment.

As my collection of Verlustlisten grows I have been able to identify more than a dozen of these cards where the name is mentioned but the unit is not. It does help put a face with the casualty and enhance the information you can obtain from the Gräbernachweis des Volksbundes Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.

I am of the opinion that every little piece of information is worthwhile as you build a larger picture.


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