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The 3rd King's Liverpool Regiment

Guest rusticmount

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Guest rusticmount


Can anyone help me on the activities of the 13th Bn, 3rd Kings Liverpool.

My g-grandfather


37679, 13th Bn., 3rd The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

died on 2 June 1917 at Westminster Military Hospital after being shot in the chest in an action around Arras at the beginning of May 1917. Does anyone have any details of what was going on at that time and what that battalion was up to?

Why would a man from the Garstang area serve in this regiment?

Thank you


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Hello Paul

Welcome to the forum.

The designation 13th Bn, 3rd Kings etc doesn't actually make sense.

Have a look at this page, about the King's (Liverpool Regiment).

You will see that 13th (Service) Battalion was a fighting unit that saw service in France with 3rd Division.

And that 3rd Battalion was a reserve/depot/training unit.

Sounds like your great grandfather may have trained with 3rd and been posted to 13th.

If you the clicked through to 3rd Division, you could see that they were involved in the Battle of Arras in April - May 1917. I haven't written up the battle yet so youwon't find too much in detail about it on the site.

The British Official History says that the 13th Bn attacked a strong enemy position called the Harp, which is just to the south of Tilloy-les-Mofflaines, east of Arras, on the opening day of the battle, 9 April 1917.

They were still involved by 3 May, when after a period of holding a difficult sector of front line at Monchy-le-Preux they attacked in the area of Bois des Aubepines and Bois du Sart. After an initial advance in which they were badly affected by enemy MG fire, they were then forced to defend against a vigorous counter attack.

Hope that helps as a starter.

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