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A Lieut. F. E. Sheppard is listed in the November 1918 Army List under the 3rd (Reserve) Bn, The York and Lancaster Regiment with a date of rank as Lieutenant of 1 July 1917. He is shown as being attached to the Indian Army.

Regards. Dick Flory

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Hi Dick,

Thats Great many thanks. Does this mean that he was on the books of the Yorks and Lancs regt and was attached to an Indian army regiment for a short period?

A friend of mine has a medal group to this officer. It consists of his victory medal and some second world war stars all loose. His BWM is missing.

If anyone else can confirm that he served in WW2, I can then confirm that the stars go with his victory medal.

All the best Rowland.

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A "2nd Lieutenant F E Sheppard" with a date of rank of 24 July 1942 is listed under Indian Army, Emergency Commissions (Indian Army) in the October 1943 Army List. Regards. Dick Flory

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