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Harry Patch WW1 vet revisited!


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Near to where we live, by chance a couple of years ago, we became occasional visitors to a certain WW1 veteran, "Harry Patch", ex 7th Batt, D.C.L.I. Harry will speak of his war years, but recently has opened up to all sorts of his life, from WW2 FIREFIGHTER to NUCLEAR BUNKER electrician. This guy was 105 on our last meeting and all people remember him and talk about, is approx 7months of WW1 life! It,s like they are only 7 months old. Tragic events accepted, but, What a life!They are normal, after all!

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You are right if my father's experiences are similar(unfortunately now long gone)

Ran away under-age to join the RFC,found out and returned home,served as a bandsman in the latter part of the War.

Joined the Police and served during the 1926 Miners' and General Strike.

WW2 attached to Military Intelligence and one of the responsibilities he did mention was escorting suspected German spies captured in Scotland to London for interrogation.When he took me to the Tower of London as a youth he made a point of pointing out the chair that was used for execution in WW2.He did not elaborate though.

Unfortunately it is only now that I realise what memories I could have been part of.Not all were serious.Hhe did take great delight in explaining how to rope a street of door knockers together and watch them knock in a domino effect and run like heck as the angry residents emerged.

It's probably nostalgia you are thinking of as our lives are probably much more mundane than our parents and grand-parents but I'm sure someone will disagree.


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