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Anybody have the Encyclopedia Britannica, 12th Edition?

Tom W.

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Does anybody have his or her own copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 12th Edtion, the supplementary material published in 1922?

It has a rare WWI illustration I'd like to use in a book I'm writing. It's a real pain arranging to photograph or scan books in libraries here in California, so if somebody has a copy and can make a high-resolution scan for me, I'd be grateful.

And I'll send you a copy of the book if and when it's published.

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Hello Tom.

Won't the illustration be in later full editions of E B ? I have a 60's version .I understood supplements were incorporated in the next edition, not so??



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Don't think so, because the information would change over the years.

I'm interested in the article titled "Flamethrowers" from the 1922 supplement, which shows a 1915 model of weapon. Later editions of the encyclopedia would certainly update their imagery, I would think, and use pictures of modern devices rather than creaky old sputterers from the Great War.

That's why I'm hoping someone out there has the 1922 supplement.

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Thanks, Clive, but I already bought that CD. It's a horrible-quality PDF, with microscopic text fractured into nearly illegible bits and smeary photos that look like fifth-generation photocopies.

I guess I'll have to try a library after all.

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Sorry to hear that Tom. I thought I had found a winner for you. Maybe EB could help you with a scan. I expect you have tried a search of Google images?

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Yes, I tried Google, Dogpile, Yahoo, and some other search engines I'd never heard of. No luck.

Someone told me that the Britannica people don't supply images that are now in the public domain. Don't know if that's true of not, but maybe I'll give it a try.

Yesterday I found an Internet ad from December of last year, in which a school in Michigan was selling a complete set of the 1911 encyclopedia, with the three supplementary volumes, for $100.

It's like missing the winning lottery number by one digit. Oh, well.



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You could ask them where they (EB) got the image from - there should be a reference/byline as to its source and then you could go back to the originator?

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