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John Turner KSLI 8582

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I have a good amount of information on my grandfather; John Turner's war service, the one area that I am trying to fill-in is his enlistment. Family lore has him signing up in 1906-10 (He was born in 1890), and was out in India, before the war. His war records show him as - KSLI - Regt.No. 8582, but a family photo shows him in a 13th Hussar uniform. I have both Regimants histories and note that both were out in India before the war. My question is where would one search for enlistment with either Regiment.

Kind regards - Ian Turner

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Hi Ian

While I do not have John Turner's enlistment date, I can give you the enlistment dates of a few K.S.L.I. men near his number, all of which prove your Family lore as correct.

8494 25-05-1907

8541 08-08-1907

8595 26-09-1907

8603 08-10-1907

I not sure about his 13th Hussar connection, it could be that he was with them before joining the K.S.L.I., or he may have been attached to them at some point ?

Do you mind passing on John's details so I can add them to my database, I only have his 1914-15 star medal roll info., which I guess you already have but if you don't, I can pass that info. on to you.


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