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Remembered Today:

Brit & Cdn Dressing Station at Aix-Noulette

Ali Hollington

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23 hours ago, cornet said:

Michelle Young, 


Unfortunately I'm not in the area next week, hope you have good weather. Without being indiscreet, is a member of your family buried in this cemetery?

No no family connection, but it’s an area I know quite well and enjoy the walks. A friend is a steward at ND de Lorette. 

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On 14/07/2022 at 08:20, cornet said:

Hello everyone, I am a resident of this village of Aix-Noulette and also a member of the local history association which tries to save its heritage and its history. Good news for you and for us the Malterie has been restored and one of the two red crosses was restored, the second will be in the coming year. Our association tries to reconstitute the history of the British presence in the village but especially in Malterie. the objective is to create a permanent exhibition in this magnificent building steeped in history. On the French side we are doing well, on the British side, the language and the difficulty of finding sources greatly complicates our research. Google translation allowed me to read your exchanges and I turn to you to try to find out more about their passage between 1916 and 1918. We also have 3 British cemeteries on the territory. Who would like to help us in this adventure? Our future exhibition focuses mainly on emergency medicine in 14-18. According to the period photos we believe that the crosses of the medical antenna were made by the British, without absolute certainty. You master the language and apparently the sources which we lack and above all you have a magnificent and deep respect of commemoration towards these brave people. We don't want them to be forgotten. Can you help us ? Thanks in advance

Aurélie (translated with Google translation)

3 fleurs.jpg


malterie croix nuit.jpg

malterie croix nuit2.jpg


The Imperial War Museum in London has some interesting photographs of the area taken by the official French photographer. If you have not already seen them they can be found here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search?query=AIX-NOULETTE&pageSize=30&media-records=records-with-media&filters[webCategory][Photographs]=on




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