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SMLE butt disk


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Yes, spot on, a similar marking to a 08 hook quillon bayonet I have seen in the past. There also appears to be a feint '3' and maybe 'EX' on the disk ... 3rd Essex? Saying that it could be my eyes.

11.12 I should think is the date November 1912 and 542 is the rack/rifle number. Is it a pre-war Lee-Enfield?

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Agree with you, issue date is November 1912 to 5th Wilts. Also, I think your eyes are OK as there is definitely a 3 and an X faintly stamped. The logical conclusion from this is as you say 3rd Essex, but it will be interesting to find the original date of the rifle.



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weren't the 5th Wilts a wartime raise, Service, battalion? The ShtLE is dated 1914. Could it have been that an older disk was reused, reissued, which previously had been on a ShtLE marked by the 3rd Essex? Judging from the dirt around the disk, screw it has been on it for a long time (and I have this one for over 25 years). Or could the stock have been re-used/changed?

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