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Can anybody out there help me with pictures (or information on) any of the WW1 names below?

The City of Perth (trawler/minesweeper)

HMS Zaria

HMS Hermione

HMS Actaeon





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Hello Gregon

There was the one below, but there were quite a few called THALIA:

The THALIA was a 1,308-ton steel hulled Dutch merchant steamer that was registered at the port of Amsterdam. She had dimensions measuring: 81.07m by length, an 11.88m-beam and a draught of 4.26-metres. Voorheen Rijkee built her at Rotterdam in 1916 for Koninklijke Stoomboot Maatschappij in Amsterdam. Her single steel propeller was powered by a 3-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used two 2SB boilers. The cylinder diameters measured: 50.80cm, 78.74cm, & 127.00cm with a 91.44cm stroke, (20in, 31in & 50in with a 36-inch stroke). Werkspoor at Amsterdam manufactured the machinery. She had a cruiser-stern, two-decks and was modern for the day being fitted-out with electric lights. The Shipping Controller, who owned her at the time of loss, requisitioned her during WWI.

Final voyage:

At 0700hrs on 8 October 1918, the THALIA was in ballast, on passage from Rouen for the Tyne when SM UC 17, a Kaiserliche Deutsche Marine U-boat torpedoed her. The enemy submarine was submerged and never seen by any of the steamer’s crew. SS THALIA was in convoy when the torpedo detonated amidships on the port side; killing the Second Engineer and a donkeyman and leaving one fireman badly scalded. The ship went down in fifteen minutes, taking the confidential papers and War-time Code books with her, but not before the surviving crew of twenty-four managed to lower the starboard boat and get clear of the ship. One of the escorting patrol vessels picked up the men and landed at Scarborough.

Wreck location: 3.26-nautical miles ESE from Filey Brigg

Cheers Ron

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H.M.S.Hermione just prewar.


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City of Perth.....

Not a good image I`m afraid.


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Try again,Smaller


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Foiund out just a little about ML79. Member of Dover patrol. Took part in the battle of Zebrugge 1918.

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Hello Gregon,

Further to Stan's photo, which is of a Cargo Ship I think I have found more info as follows

City of Perth

Cargo Ship

GBR Registered

Official Number 98572

built 1890

3427 Tons

110ft long 13ft Beam

Builder Workman Clark, Belfast

Owner G, Smith and Sons, Glasgow

Torpedoed by Submarine 11/06/1917

at Position 48.06N/10.30W

en-route Alexandria to London

Not sure if this is the one you are thinking of as you say Trawler/Minesweeper



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