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Trescault Communal Cemetery East Kent Regt


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I have a silver war medal to G/9667 Private F C Hogben The Buffs East Kent Regiment. He is buried in Trescault Communal Cemetery France. There are only 7 Commonwealth Graves there. Private Hogben was born and lived in Folkestone Kent but he does not appear on any of the local war memorials which is strange as the Hogben family all lived around the fishmarket area and were all very close , he seems to have just vanished of the face of the earth.

Does anyone have any idea as to why he would be buried here as the only member of his regiment?

Any leads would be welcome as i have tried to find out about he from local sources but like i have send he seems to have just been erased from memory.

His full name was Frederick Charles Hogben listed as died 25/01/1917 7th Battalion Born Folkestone Enlisted Folkestone Residence Folkestone

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Trescault was behind the German lines when Hogben died so he probably died as a POW.


Thanks for that info Michael, and i was just about to pm you to ask if you have any info on him in your Buffs database which looks to be a fantastic source on information for anyone with an interest in the Buffs East kent regiment.

Is there a list of POW's for the first world war which would confirm that he was a prisoner.

I still have problems with the fact that i can find no mention of him in the newspapers or on any of the lists that were published in the local papers showing those that were also serving not just the wounded or killed.

Any help or ideas from anyone would be most welcome.

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There is no list of POW's. WO161 contains reports by POW's after they were repratriated and sometimes includes details of men who died but Hogben's name doesn't appear there.

I also have a complete list of Buffs POW's in mid 1917 but obviously he was dead by then. There is also a list of Buffs POW's who were repatriated but again he won't be there.

The Red Cross may have details but I have no experience of dealing with them. Ancestry enquiries are obviously not their priority and I've heard that there response is very slow.

I have just found his name in a list of missing men in the Regimental Journal for January 1917. It simply states "F. C. Hogben (Folkestone)". I've looked at some of the dates of men who had notification of death in the same issue and they range from August to November 1916, so not much help really.

I also looked at a few of the other men that were listed as missing. Those that were killed had died on 18/11/1916 (the attack on Desire Trench) or in German hospitals so I wonder if that list of missing was compiled for that day.

The casualty stats for 18 to 21 Nov 1916 are (other ranks) 23 killed, 76 wounded and 124 missing.

I'll leave it to you to speculate, but in the absence of any other info...........


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thanks very much for taking the trouble to look him up and come up with the fact that he was reported as missing in action in the Dragon for January 1917.

So it looks like he may have died when in German Hands and buried in this small churchyard with 6 other soldiers in 1917.

I will check and see if his service papers have survied as this will shed some light on the matter.

I still can't understand why i can find no mention of him in any other the local papers or on any of the local lists of men who served and came from the folkestone areas.

Once again thanks for your help and perhaps one day i will find that missing piece of information that you need to start opening a few doors again.

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If you find anything please let me know.



Just to let you know Frederick Charles Hogben did die as a POW. He service papers have just been released which show this to be the case.


Annie and Peter

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