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Sergeant Frederick Jones


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New topic posted for Pauline - welcome to the forum.

I am new to this forum,and dont know how it works.I am lost as to where to go next to try and find any info.My grandfather was Frederick jones born 1889,the only info we have is a bullet case engraved "sergent frederic jones-Lens-queens regiment " on his death certificate his death was atributed to being gassed in the war,i dont know where he was born so i dont know what to do.

please if anyone can help me.


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Hi Pauline,

Do you have his marriage certificate?

This should give the name and occupation of his father.

If you do not have certificate details for his marriage do you know who he married, approximately when and where? (quite a few here have access to scans of the BMD indexes which will hopefully enable you to get the certificate).

Using the information from the marriage certificate it may be possible to find him in the 1891 and/or 1901 census. The census will list his place of birth which may lead you to a birth certificate. Again, many here have access to census information.

This will not (by itself) find him in the military records but it should help to eliminate a few records.


(There is a second thread running on this person. See http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/i...st&p=841854

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