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Remembered Today:

Any ideas what the badge was awarded for?


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Hi all,

My great uncle, Alfred Sydney served in 11th (Lonsdale) Border Regt. reaching the rank of Lance Corporal before being kia in 1917. Can anyone tell me

1. What the badge above his stripe means

2. Why he was wearing a lanyard

Many thanks

Peter Sloan


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The badge is SB - for Stretcher Bearer. The (issue) lanyard theoretically had the (issue) clasp knife, in the breast pocket, at the other end.

Best wishes,


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Presumably the SB badge would allow him to pass back along the communications trench during periods of action without him being stopped by military police of various types

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a nice example of "Football" Buttons too!!

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hi peter, this site could help you in the future,



I have seen worse lists but there are errors of identification, and please note that many of the badges are emphatically not Great War.

The red S and blue B in red circle on white background was a Volunteer Force badge first noted VFR 1896. It was awarded to those holding certificate of proficiency in ambulance work, up to two per company. It was, I beieve allowed to die the death in the Great War, although it appears to have lingered for a while after 1908. Photographs 'in wear' are rather rare. I doubt if it was ever worn alone in the trenches: the SB brassard was the normal issue which conveyed a degree of protection from deliberate fire.

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