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SDGW look up if, possible

Guest J.Woodward

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Guest J.Woodward

Would someone with the SDGW and/or ODGW possibly do me a couple of look ups?

the names are - C.E.Collins



Afraid that's all I have on them at the moment, but all were Truro School Old Boys so either they or their parents may have come from/ lived in Cornwall,

Cheers, Joe

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Hi Joe

I have found a James Edward Gregory, 1/5 DCLI 1555, L/Cpl. Born Helland Cornwall, E Bodmin Cornwall Died Home 22/3/15.

The other 2, I can't find any Cornish connections.

Sorry. :(

Regards, Michelle :blink:

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RHA & RFA 24th Bde

Charles Edwin Collins


KIA 21/3/18

There is no way of confirming this is your man but its the only CE Collins.

Regards Doug

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