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Pte. F Mace - Tank Corps - MIA 23/11/17

Paul Johnson

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Fred MACE - 93076 - Private - “B” Battalion. Tank Corps

Missing In Action on the 23rd November 1917.

I cannot find a Unit War Diary for "B" Battalion. Would it have had a battalion number and if so, which one?

Anyone help, please.


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According to various sources I have to hand,

Originally formed as Companies of the Heavy Section MGC, designated A, B, C and D. In November 1916, the Companies were expanded to Battalions, carrying the same letter designations. The Tank Corps was formed from the Heavy Branch MGC on 27 July 1917, and the Battalions adopted numbering rather than letter designations (although tank names followed the same lettering; that is, 7th Bn Tanks were all named with a letter G, like Grouse, Grumble, etc.)

So in November 1917, numbers I would have thought.

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Thanks Chris,

This should help me on my way.


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