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Ulster Division in Egypt


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I have checked the official history of 36th Ulsters by C Falls and at the front is sub chapter listing. It clearly shows that they never left the Western Front.

I am wondering if its a seperate unit you are trying to find that may have left or joined the division?

Dont know if the main site will tell you anything under 36th units listing.



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No ASC Company with any connection to the 36th (Ulster) Division went to Egypt. That includes the Horse Transport Companies of the Divisional Train (251, 252, 253 and 254 Companies), the Motor Transport Divisional Supply Column (379) and the Divisional Ammunition Park (380).

Mark, what was behind your question?

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Cheers mates!....should hav really posted this.. click here

Hes an Irishman and I seen the 36th ref and thought that it may have refered to the 36th Ulster...maybe something else then...

thanks for the time and effort everyone!



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Took the following information from "Advance of the E.E.F. July 17-October 18" Gives a breakdown of the units under the Palestine Lines of Communication, No.36

Supply Coy is listed under ASC ( C). In June 1917 Lines of Communication comprised of the bases at Port Said and Kantara and a single line of railway track from

Kantara to Deir el Belah.

Palestine Lines of Communication


Canal Zone

Mounted Troops


Armoured Trains






A.) Mechinised transport

No.7 (Egypt) Mobile Repair Unit

493rd M.T. Coy (supply column)

1080th M.T. Coy (No.3 Advanced M.T. Sub-Depot, Kantara

B.) Horse transport

No. 900 Coy ASC (23rd Auxiliary H.T. Coy)

C.) Supply Columns

Nos 18 & 27 Field Bakeries

Nos 18, 19, 20, 21, 36 & 37 L of C (Supply Coys)

No 17 Field Butchery

D.) Camel Transport Corps

'0', 'Q' & 'S' Coys

Area Employment Group

Postal Units

Might be of interest


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Mark - sorry to jump in on this one - but it brought to mind the old NI joke which I'm sure you'll appreciate.

Two Ulstermen are fighting Rommel in the desert. They inevitably get lost and wander around till all their food and water runs out. The sun beats down mercilessly as they stare out at the endless sand dunes.

"Well Sammy," says Billy gloomily. "It looks as if this is it for us."

"Think on the bright side Billy," replies Sammy, gesturing at the sun, "Look at the great day they're getting for the twelfth!"

Hope you'll forgive the intrusion!

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