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Tinker George and Thomas


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I have two names to research regarding Thomas and George Tinker. I have plenty of information on George but none on Thomas. I found these photos on a website marked with the name Tinker taken c 1914 -1918. Are these post Great War Sherwood Rangers? The gate I know to be the Cricketers arms which no longer exists in Retford. I am particularly intrigued by the soldier with the long hair on the group photo. I assume he is not a soldier and has borrowed the hat of the soldier to his left.

Any comments greatfully received



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I may be wrong but since none of the men display medal ribbons I'd say it's more likely the photo was pre-war.

The fellow with the long hair is intriguing could he actually be a "she" as in the girlfriend of the chap minus the cap?


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Must have a word with me dad see if there is a George or Thomas in the family!

maiden name is tinker from the Nottingham area!

I too thought the long haired one was a woman!


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Yes, I am not that expert in pre-WW I UK military culture, but I can't see a NCO surviving with such a hair-cut. He/she might even possibly be the woman in the little insert picture, who seems rather tall. Everyone but the guy rear left is wearing s NCO uniform, him not; if s woman, she may be wearing his current uniform, he a borrowed or old uniform.

I don't know about Brits of the era, but German women seemed to often pose in a uniform, even in my family. I have a photo from mid-1960's; I was at university, and a visiting cousin in New York City is wearing my ROTC uniform. She was a former Berlin policewoman, her husband a police captain, her first husband died at Stalingrad. There are lots of WW I-era German postcards with cute ladies wearing a male uniform.

Bob Lembke

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