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Hi guys;

Any info from Bn war diaries in respect of 1st,2nd,7th and 8th Bn from

Feb 1915 thru Oct 1918 would be much appreciated.

I am trying to piece together my Dad's activities in those Bn's - am

hopeful there may even be a mention of Pte / Cpl/ L/Sgt H.Adams

(MM& Bar)


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If you're going to be successful, you need to refine your request more fully, or my suggestion would be to buy a copy of the East Lancs History from Fulwood Barracks. you'll then be able to piece your dad's movements together with what each unit was doing.

You can also download monthly copies of war diaries from the National Archives. But you'll need to be precise about which diary for which battalion.

I have a copy of the 8th War Diary.

All the best


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Hi Stephen;

Thank you for such a prompt and useful response to my post.

I have been able to create a timeline for my Dad's service for the period 18 Aug 1914 thru to 26 Oct 1918

by using info provided by forum members and also by researching the ELR Regtl history (all 595 pages).

I was hoping to be able to get a closer view of the Bn's actions thru their respective War Diaries - hence my

initial post.

The dates and Bn's of interest are:

1st Bn. 12 Jan 1915 - 19 July 1916. And again from 6 Feb 1918 thru 22 Oct 1918.

2nd Bn. 20 July 1916 - 22 Oct 1916.

7th Bn. 21 Jan 1917 thru to 6 Feb 1918.

8th Bn. 8 July 1916 - 19 July 1916.

As you may already know, my Dad earnt the MM&Bar and I would be hopeful that there would be a mention

within the WD.


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It will be helpful for you to look through the document repository section of the Forum. Many folk who hold diaries post there to advertise their willingness to supply copies or look-ups


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