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11th Reserve Cavalry Regiment


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SDGW for Edward Holyoak has him as formerly being 28481 in 11th Reserve Cavalry regiment.

His MIC only gives Hampshires.

Any help from a cavalry expert on who they were, would be gratefully received.



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My notes on units based in Wiltshire and taken from E A James, British Regiments 1914–1918, state:

"11th Reserve Cavalry Regiment formed at Tidworth: August 1914 (affiliated to the 10th and 18th Hussars); in summer 1915 some 3rd-line Yeomanry from regiments in Southern Command were affiliated. In April 1916 the Regiment was in the 2nd Reserve Cavalry Brigade, with affilated Hampshire, North Somerset and Wiltshire Yeomanry; early in 1917 the Regiment was absorbed in the new 5th Reserve Regiment at Tidworth."

Tidworth is on the Wiltshire-Hampshire border, the barracks themselves being in Wiltshire, but the confusion isn't helped by the fact that Andover (in Hampshire) was the sorting office for post from Tidworth.

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Hello Steve

A possible, though by no means definite, solution is that he was in 3/1st Hampshire Yeomanry (the depot unit) within 11th Res Regt, and was posted to 1/1st Hampshire Yeomanry which was serving as a Corps Cavalry Regiment in France. It was amalgamated with 15th Bn Hampshire Regiment in September 1917 as infantry, a fate which affected many of the Yeomanry units around that time.

Alternatively (especially if Hampshire Yeomanry does not appear on the MIC) he may have been posted, probably to 15/Hampshires, direct from Tidworth.


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Thanks Chaps.

Not sure how a lad from Sheffield managed to get into this unit!

He was on Gallipoli so probably with 2nd Hampshire's from 24 August 1915 for a while. Died with 14th Hampshire's at Ypres in 1917.

His brother was in the Royal Fusiliers and joined up in Southend! He also put an 'e' on the end of his name. He did though have a 4 figure number.

Possibly the family did not want them to join up.


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